BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi Ultimate Light 2.0 Blue [bjk-541]

BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi Ultimate Light 2.0 Blue [bjk-541]

Our Selling Price: 13,900JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Manufacture: Bull Terrier Fight Gear

Type:Jiu-jitsu Gi upper and lower set *The belt sold separately

Model:Ultimate Light 2.0


Jacket Fabric:375gms Pearl Weave

Pants:8oz Twill Cotton Pants


New model "Ultimate Light Gis" produced by Bullterrier
that have been developed with ultimate light fabric
They are for any fighters who undergo a variety of weight-loss procedures.
These are much lighter than Ultra Light Gis.

The Gis Jackets are made of the 375gm pearl weave fabric.
The Gis Pants are made of the 8oz cotton;ultra light fabric.
Maintaining the strength and durability of the Gis with reinforced parts anywhere.
featuring the heavy and firm collar instead of the thin and weak one as usual.

Accessories: a special bag

*IBJJF Officially recognized

A0 Size Top Length69.5cm Chest Width51.5cm Sleeve end to end 150cm Cuff width15cm
PantsLength88.5cm Waist Width48.5cm Thigh28.5cm Inseam64cm
Around 1.1kg weight

A1S Size Top Length71.5cm Chest Width53cm Sleeve end to end 154.5cm Cuff width15.5cm
PantsLength91cm Waist Width49.5cm Thigh29cm Inseam67cm
Around 1.2kg weight

A1 Size Top Length73cm Chest Width55cm Sleeve end to end 163cm Cuff width16cm
PantsLength93.5cm Waist Width50cm Thigh31cm Inseam68cm
Around 1.25kg weight

A2S Size Top Length75.5cm Chest Width56.5cm Sleeve end to end 164cm Cuff width17cm
PantsLength97.5cm Waist Width52.5cm Thigh31cm Inseam69.5cm
Around 1.3kg weight

A2 Size Top Length76.5cm Chest Width59.5cm Sleeve end to end 169cm Cuff width17.5cm
PantsLength98.5cm Waist Width54cm Thigh32cm Inseam71cm
Around 1.35kg weight

A3S Size Top Length80cm Chest Width61cm Sleeve end to end 174cm Cuffwidth18cm
PantsLength101cm Waist Width56cm Thigh33cm Inseam72.5cm
Around 1.45kg weight

A3 Size Top Length80cm Chest Width63cm Sleeve end to end 180cm Cuff width18.5cm
PantsLength103cm Waist Width58cm Thigh34cm Inseam73.5cm
Around 1.5kg weight

A4 Size Top Length84.5cm Chest Width67.5cm Sleeve end to end 187cm Cuff width19cm
PantsLength108.5cm Waist Width61.5cm Thigh35cm Inseam77.5cm
Around 1.6kg weight

Shrinkage rate:

Jacket  about3 - 4%

Pants About4 - 5%

Size reference:

A0 Height147cm - 161cm weight42kg - 57kg

A1S Height153cm - 167cm weight50kg - 65kg

A1 Height158cm - 172cm weight56kg - 71kg

A2S Height161cm - 175cm weight61kg - 76kg

A2 Height165cm - 179cm weight66kg - 81kg

A3S Height169cm - 183cm weight70kg - 85kg

A3 Height174cm - 188cm weight79kg - 94kg

A4 Height180cm - 194cm weight90kg - 115kg

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