DVD 2007 Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship 2 disc sets [vx-006]

DVD 2007 Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship 2 disc sets [vx-006]

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7 hours or more Disc DVD2. (PC and DVD for home use) Tested Japanese Standards.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a DVD of the United States Championship, which was held in Los Angeles, California, USA, January 1-4 Sun March 30, 2007.

Brazil top players from each class will come together, that it might face more than Munjiaru are aligned.

World champion Bibiano Fernandes and under one class-Paishaon Furejison world champion, attention from Jeff Glover and Japan last year and also other original and unified world champion Mario Heisu Fubensu-Koburin'ya-Sharesu unified champion especially active Pena is a class athletes Kazumasa Sekiguchi played.

It is also worth looking at Klong Son of Rickson Gracie Gracie brown belt and has played with.

DVD1 contents in

Each class final

Super Feather Puruma class

Dai Yoshioka vs Robson Moura

Hobson large VS Moura Yoshioka

Feather class Pena

Rubens Charles vs Mariob Reis

Mario VS-Sharesu Fubensu Heisu

Light engraving class

Lucas Gomes vs Rafael Barbosa

Lucas Gomez VS Hafaeru-Baruboza

Middl class Mejio

Marcelo Garcia vs Edson Diniz

Marusero Garcia VS Edison Jinisu

Light Heavy class Meiopesado

Romulo Barral vs Tarsis Hamphrays

VS-Bahhau Homuro Tarshis Hung Ferry

Heavy grade Pesado

Eduard Telles vs Flabio Almaida

Eduardo Telles VS Flavio Almeida

Super Heavy class Superupesado

Rafael Lovato Jr. Vs Cristiano Lazzarini

Robert VS Cristiano Hafaeru Razarini

Super Super Heavy class Pesadisshimo

Rodrigo Medeiros vs Bruno Rodrigues

Rodrigo Mejirosu lead Comp VS Bruno Hodorigesu

Absolute Class Open Class

Romulo Barral vs Tarsis Hamphreys

VS-Bahhau Homuro Tarshis Hung Ferry

Best Fights Black Belt Black Belt Best Fight

Renato Teixeira vs Dai yosioka

shane rice vs Jef Glover

Bibiano Felnandes vs Mario Reis

Fredson Peixao vs Wellington Dias

Rubens Charles vs Pete Han

Rubens Charles vs Willson Reis

Carlos Vieira vs Cristiano Renato

Marcelo Garcia vs Adriano Silva

Rodrigo Teixeira vs Marcelo Garcia

Joao Oliveira vs Tarsis Humphreys

Frederico Sabbatini vs Romulo Barral

Hironori Tohyama vs Luke Stewart

Eduardo Arrivabene vs Eduardo Telles

Rodrigo Teixeira vs Rafael Lovato Jr.

Rodrigo Medeiros vs Dimitri Mavragani

Tarsis Humphreys vs Flavio Almaida

Rafael Lovato Jr. Vs Romulo Barral

Soulo Riveiro vs Ailton Barbosa

Marcelo Braga vs Souro Ribeiro

Cassio Warneck vs Souro Ribeiro

Francisco Santana vs Amal Easton

Fabio Clemente vs Mike Brown

Osvaldo Godoi vs Mike Brown

Roberto Godoi vs Walter Vital

DVD2 contents in

Brown belt Best Fights Brown Belt Best Fight

Armand Debruge vs Bill cooper

Vinicius Marinho vs Bill Cooper

Vagner Rocha vs Lucas Barum

Kron Gracie vs Paul Scheiner

Kron Gracie vs Abmar Barbosa

Otavio Sousa vs Kron Gracie

Otavio Sousa vs Frost Murphey

Josh Griffiths vs Pablo Alves

Clark Gracie vs Josh Griffiths

Marco Macera vs Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths vs Leonardo Ferreira

Kevin Casey vs Tyler Basard

Purple Belt Best Fights Purple Belt Best Fight

Felipe Fogolin vs Don Ortega

Unknown Fighter vs Neiman Gracie

Jardan Rivas vs Neiman Gracie

Unknown Fighter vs Kayron Gracie

Ian McPherson vs Kayron Gracie

Kayron Gracie vs Tim Peterson

Kayron Gracie vs Alexandar Vamos

Clay Copeland vs Steve Rosenberg

Best Moves Best Move

Best Sub-Mission 60

45 best takedown

78 best sweep

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