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DVD K-1 WORLD GP 2017 Japan First Featherweight Championship Tournament

Duration: 120 minutes

Color: Color

Speech: STEREO

Region: ALL

Type:Single Sided Single Layer.

DVD Pak Chong Hyon Introduction To TAEKWON-DO.

Recording time: 2 sheets 169 minutes

Speech: STEREO

Subtitles: English subtitles Korean subtitles

Region: ALL

Disk type: Single side single layer


New DVDs available.

DVD Ultimate No Gi Master Series 4 DVD Set by Roberto Cyborg Abreu.

DVD: 4 sheets set


Region: All Region

Language: English

Ultimate No Gi Master Series (Description)

DVD 1: Guard Pass Mastery


2.Set Up Your Game

3.Punch Pass

4.F Pass

5.Cyborg Smash Pass

6.Cyborg Smash Pass Inverted

7.Cyborg Smash Pass Back Take

8.Passing Details from Side Control

9.Cyborg Superman Pass

10.Front Roll Back Take

11.Cyborg Spinning Pass

12.Kimura Back Take

13.Final Details: One Step Ahead

DVD 2: Ultimate Submissions


2.Setting up a Strong Side Control

3.Side Control Kimura

4.Bridge Armbar

5.North/South Kimura

6.North/Side Choke

7.North/Side Kimura 2

8.Detail on North/Side Kimura 2

9.Triple Attack from North/Side Kimura

10.Kimura to Armbar Details

11.Triple Armbar Attack

12.Side Control Drill

13.Side Control Traps

14.Bait Back Take to Owl Choke

DVD 3: ADCC Technique Breakdown


2.Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi

3.Arm Drag to Double Leg

4.Baby Guillotine Standing

5.Baby Guillotine on Ground

6.Farm Boy Bulldog Submission

7.Cyborg Transition from Turtle to Side Control

8.Inverted Guard Passing

9.Deep Half Guard to Back Take to Armbar

10.Half Guard to Single Leg to Back Take


1.Ze Mario Sperry

2.Joao Gabriel Rocha

3.Rodolfo Vieira

4.Abraham Marte

5.Vagner Rocha and many more!


DVD No Gi Tornado Guard 4 DVD Set by Roberto Cyborg Abreu

DVD: 4 sheets set


Region: All Region

Language: English


DVD 1: Sweeps

1. Tornado Set Up

2. Half Guard Switch

3. Hunting Tip

4. Telephone Arm Bar

5. Half Guard Arm Bar

6. Kimura Triangle

7. Crotch Arm Sweep

8. Half Guard Omaplata

9. Leg Sweep

10. Sweep To Back

11. Tornado Sweep

12. Tornado Triangle

13. Tornado Reverse Triangle

14. Tornado Shoulder Sweep

15. Half Guard Set Up

16. Knee Twist Sweep

17. Foot Trip Sweep

18. Half Guard Single

19. Take The Back

20. Tornado Knee Bar


DVD 2: Passing

1. Step Over Pass

2. Step Out Pass

3. Knee Push Kimura

4. Defense Back Choke

5. Rolling Toe Hold

6. Spin Kimura

7. Spin To Back

8. Movement Drill

9. Knee Slice Pass

10. Punch Pass

11. Pass To NS Choke

12. Knee To Back

13. Inverted Kick Pass

14. Tornado Drill 1

15. Tornado Drill 2

16. Tornado Drill 3

17. Tornado Drill 4

18.Tornado Drill 5

19. Tornado Drill 6

20. Mobility Drill

DVD 3: Submissions

1. Side Kimura

2. North South Kimura

3. Rolling Arm Bar

4. North South Arm Bar

5. Knee on Belly Tips

6. Knee On Belly To Triangle

7. Inverted Triangle

8. Reverse Triangle

9. Knee On Neck Choke

10.Knee On Neck Variation

11.Back Attack Tips

12.One Arm Choke

13.One Arm Choke Variation

14.Triangle From Back

15.Triangle From Back Variation

16.Arm Bar From Back

17.Arm Bar Variation


1. Yoga For BJJ

2. Strength And Conditioning For BJJ

3. Day In The Life Of The BJJ Lifestyle

4. Emerge Movement Highlight

5. Cyborg Competition Motivation Interview

6. Rolling Highlights At Fight Sports


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BULLTERRIER New jiu Jitsu Gi SAZEN GI Available.


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This design of the Gis was inspired by "Sazen TANGE" a mysterious samurai with Sekiwan Sekigan-"a single arm and a single eye" who is the main character originally on the novel.


The Gis Jackets are made of the 450gm single weave fabric. The Gis Pants are made of the 10oz twill fabric. There are reinforcing,double stitching and triple stitching at the part of the joint to make it strong.



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